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I’m a huge football fan and a die hard member of Steelers Nation since I was a kid.  I love reading the latest news about “my” Steelers and have had some of the best conversations with people from all over Steelers Nation about them.  I started forwarding stories and writing many long, detailed posts in various online communities. This was becoming so frequent that my brother suggested I start my own blog. One day I took his advice and The Pro Stop was born.

I am what I like to call a die hard, yet grounded member of Steelers Nation and here at The Pro Stop, I will provide my perspective on the NFL in general and the Pittsburgh Steelers in particular.  The Pro Stop is also a news aggregate where you’ll be able to find the top stories from all over Steelers Nation, as well as, a great place to find Steelers gifts and apparel.  No matter if this is your first visit or you’re a regular visitor, we appreciate you and hope you enjoy the ride.

DP, Founder, The Pro Stop


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